Champions in St George

In a hotly contested battle for the championship in St George, the Gems held their composure and bested the Jay’s from Las Vegas 19-8 in 5 innings. The Jay’s particular gamesmanship garnered a Jay’s player ejection and later the ejection of their coach and a second player as well. The Gems weathered the ruckus while focusing on their bats and playing within themselves.  Phenomenal offensive effort overcame early errors securing the championship.  Viz’s second double thwarted his attempt at the cycle by one single, and it was apparent he knew it, as he slowly rounded first for his last at bat  (he already had the HR, 3B and 2B accomplished).  This game, the second of the day, which started at 8:30pm in 95 degree temperature and ended close to 11:00, tested our boys’ endurance and heart. They excelled beyond expectations. A satisfying win.

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