2017 Boise Gems AA Team

The AA team had a fantastic season, traveling to Reno and Omaha for back to back tournaments.  And later, to finish season in Twin Falls at the state tournament.  They made plenty of memories as a team, but also played very well.  37 home runs between: Viz, Mac, Wagner, Chambers, Riddle, Hultberg and Stefanic.  Viz made it to double digits with 10 home runs.  Evan Blodgett gets credit for the only two shutouts for the season: against BK Wave and Borah Senators.

Matt Chambers, #1
Chaston Goodwin, #2
Bradley Funkhouser, #3
John Duffy, #5
Nic Elkins, #6
Jonah Hultberg, #7
Morgan Baker, #8
Alex McFarland-Smith, #9
Evan Youde, #10
Tanner Hartnett, #11
Matt Stefanic, #12
Thomas Vizgirdas, #15
Connor Riddle, #16
Evan Blodget, #17
Layton Wagner, #18

2017 Gems AA Schedule

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