2017 Boise Gems AA Team

The AA team had a fantastic season, traveling to Reno and Omaha for back to back tournaments.  And later, to finish season in Twin Falls at the state tournament.  They made plenty of memories as a team, but also played very well.  37 home runs between: Viz, Mac, Wagner, Chambers, Riddle, Hultberg and Stefanic.  Viz made it to double digits with 10 home runs.  Evan Blodgett gets credit for the only two shutouts for the season: against BK Wave and Borah Senators.

Matt Chambers, #1
Chaston Goodwin, #2
Bradley Funkhouser, #3
John Duffy, #5
Nic Elkins, #6
Jonah Hultberg, #7
Morgan Baker, #8
Alex McFarland-Smith, #9
Evan Youde, #10
Tanner Hartnett, #11
Matt Stefanic, #12
Thomas Vizgirdas, #15
Connor Riddle, #16
Evan Blodget, #17
Layton Wagner, #18

2017 Gems AA Schedule

2017 Boise Gems A Team

The Boise Gems A team had a great season marked by 4 shutouts.  Sullivan gets two of those with only 5 hits combined between those two games.  McAdams pitched a shut out on June 19th and Shafer got the win from a collective shutout against the Liberty Falcons on June 22nd.  Garrett Thompson managed two home runs this season.

Camden Wagner, #1
Greyson Shafer, #4
Logan Durk, #16
Hunter Stunga, #6
Jeremy Underwood, #7
Chris McAdams, #8
Gannon Malloy, #10
Braden Rachael, #12
Danny Orrock, #13
Garrett Thompson, #14
Cooper Sloan, #15
Keegan Carlson, #17
Murphy Sullivan, #18

2017 Gems A schedule

2017 Boise Gems B Team

Congratulations to our B-Team’s. Their overall record was 23 to 7, which is a great way to start their Gem’s experience.  We hope they will stay on board and decide to grow with our program.

Tyler Gomez, #1
Ethan Wolfe, #2
Donovan Merriweather, #3
Harrison Michael, #4
Max Spielman, #6
Duncan Bennett, #7
Reagan Wiese, #8
Colton Farnsworth, #10
Tyler Jordan, #12
Dylan Pike, #13
Eli Meldrim, #14
Gary Brown, #15

2017 B Team Schedule

Getting through districts

The AA’s make it through the losing bracket (having lost initially to Borah); beating Centennial, Bishop Kelly, and then Borah. A final loss to the Toros meant a lower seeding but we’ll take it.

Grand Slam

Layton Wagner gets some love from coach after bringing Gems to within 2 runs after grand slam in the 5th inning of a 9 inning game. Gems would beat the Cannons 16-12 in final game of regular season play.

A nice close to 2017 Summer League play

A successful Gems’ season.  Our AA team finished 23 and 9 overall and 9-3 in our division.  This gives us a #1 seed and a pass for the first round of play at Districts.  The A team finished the season with an overall record of 20-14 record and 16-6 division play record.  This was good enough for #3 seed and a bye for first round play at Districts.  Our B team finished strong with a sweep at Bishop Kelly.  No word as to seeding yet for them.  

And now a quote: “Progress always involves risk.  You can’t steal second base and keep you foot on first.” – Frederick B. Wilcox  

2017 Freshman Spring Team

The Boise Gems 2017 Freshman Team finished 2nd in their division!  We are looking forward to these young men building their skill and contributing in the years to come.

1. Garrett Thompson- INF, P
3. Camden Wagner- C, INF, P
5. Coleman- OF
7. Tyler Gomez- OF
8. Chris McAdams- INF, P
11. Max Spielman- C, INF
12. Cooper Sloan- INF, P
17. Harrison Michael- C, INF, P
20. Gannon Malloy- INF, P
21. Johnson- OF, P
22. Greyson Shafer- INF, P
24. Ethan Wolfe- C, INF, P
25. Stunja- INF, OF, P
26. Duncan Bennett- OF, P
28. Eli Meldrim- OF, P
30. Dillan Pike- INF, P

Welcome Coach Reifman

The Boise Gems Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Jeff Reifman as head coach of the AA team for the 2017 summer season.  The selection of Coach Reifman was made based on a new formalized process for the corporation to select the coaching staff.  It is the Board’s desire to link the Timberline High School baseball program with Gems program at all levels and to have high expectations for our teams, as well as high expectations for how our players grow as young men.  After meeting with coach Reifman and hearing his vision for our boys from Spring through Summer, it is apparent that he has a vision consistent with that of the Board’s for how our boys will play on the field, coalesce as a team, and carry themselves as young men.  We are particularly impressed with his enthusiasm for the game itself, and for the values he wishes to impart on our young men.  We look forward to a great Timberline season and an equally great Gems season.  The Board will work with Coach Reifman to buildout the coaching staff at all levels with professionals having the same high expectations.