Board Members

2018 BOISE GEMS BOARD of directors


President: Blake Youde: (208) 696-9447

Vice President: TBD

Secretary: Arnie Wagner

Treasurer: Chantel Elkins

Chantel Elkins
Lisa Funkhouser Decker
Gary Jorgensen
David McFarland-Smith
Scott Orrock
Camaren Riddle
Jon Rachael
Erin Sullivan
John Underwood
Arnie Wagner
Anne Wilde
Blake Youde

Email –

Boise Gems American Legion, Inc.
582 E. Boise Avenue
Boise, ID 83706

The board of directors is dedicated to the integrity and vision of the Boise Gems legion team.  We are working hard to make the 2018 season memorable.

The Boise Gems is a 401C non-profit organization (FED #82-0500738).  We are committed to being as transparent as possible.

Board Meeting Minutes: Each board meeting involves the documentation of items discussed and action plans put forth.  These minutes are available upon request.