Gems through to State!

As we proceed to the the second day of the State Tournament, I want to congratulate our boys of summer for their effort so far.  The Gems entered the District tournament with a 26 – 5 record (give or take). The Legion District Tournament was hosted at Bishop Kelly High School, and the Gems blew through it without a loss.  Here is a sampling of highlights I picked up through browsing the Game Changer recaps and stats. The tournament started with a strong showing from Braden Rachael allowing 3 runs over 6 innings, striking out 4.  It was a close game with the Silverwolves limiting the Gems to singles. But that was all that was needed.

The Treasure Valley Stars fell 8 runs to 2 the next evening.  The score was tied through four, then Jonah H singled to start the unraveling. E. Youde followed up with a 2 RBI double, Callahan collected a RBI triple, and Randall finished that inning with a RBI single.  E. Youde doubled again in the next inning to give the Gems their 8th and last run of the game.

Gems played Mountain VIew Torros the next evening.  Impressive 13 runs for the Gems in a game with zero errors from either side.   Scoring began with a 2 RBI HR from Alex. Callahan singled to bring in Viz that inning as well.  Later, Viz would go yard as well bringing in the Gems’ 11th run.

The Gems faced the Senators the next day.  The highlight was that Logan Durk got his first homer bringing in Parker who had just doubled. The Gems had two other home runs by Alex and Viz that game.  Murphy pitched through three innings giving up one run and 2 hits.

The Championship game was between the Gems and the Nampa Chiefs.  Both teams were going to state, but this was for bragging rights and the top seed.  The Chiefs would have to beat the Gems twice, but a second game was not needed. 9 to 2 score secured the top seed for the Gems.  Sebastian Elu started it off on the mound lasting five innings giving up one run on 3 hits, walking on and striking out 5. Viz and Duffy finished the game on the mound.  The scoring was shared between, Elkins, Vizgirdas, Alex and Parker, where both Alex and Parker each contributed with 2 out RBI’s.

I want to acknowledge the failure of Game Changer to provide accolades to the fantastic fielding our team has showed.  A grounder in Game Changer is not always a ‘grounder’. We all have our golden glove moments. Here are mine: Jonah at second dives to his left and, while maintaining his rotational momentum, comes up on a knee to throw the runner out at first.  Visgirdes in center lays out horizontal to stop an offense. Elu charging from shortstop comes up throwing. Callahan, from third, bare hands a chopper and in one motion throws to get the runner at first. Funkhouser who appears to be in two places at once so many times I can’t count: is he picking the runner off second or deep in the gap.  How can he do both.

I am sorry that I can’t catalogue every awesome event.  And I know you have your own. There are many more I did not include because it is all a blur.  I hope to get in another blog post or two this year. Two more post tournament posts would be cool.  Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting the efforts of these fine young men. See you in the stands. Go Gems

2018 Gems Teams:

AA Team

Morgan Baker, #31
Ayden Callahan, #54
John Duffy, #23
Logan Durk, #40
Nic Elkins, #6
Sebastian Elu, #21
Bradley Funkhouser, #8
Tanner Hartnett, #41
Jonah Hultberg, #7
Alex McFarland-Smith, #36
Danny Orrock, #27
Braden Rachael, #38
Jacob Randall, #51
Parker Schwers, #56
Hunter Stunja, #4
Thomas Vizgirdas, #15
Murphy Sullivan, #44
Evan Youde, #25


                                                    A Team:
Duncan Bennett, #14
Hunter Drury, #34
Colton Farnsworth, #12
Tyler Jordan, #39
Chris McAdams, #48
Eli Meldrim, #45
Harrison, Michael, #30
Dylan Pike, #24
Zach Satterfield, #26
Greyson Shafer, #22
Cooper Sloan, #28
Max Spielman, #35
Jeremy Underwood, #50
Camden Wagner, #42
Ethan Wolfe, #17

                                       2018 Gems B Team
Bryson Smith #10
Dexter Sackett #13
Ethan Lynn #5
Chase Bradshaw #3
Wyatt Amestoy #2
Derrick Westbury #16
Chris Schaefer #18
Gary Brown #19
Tyler Gomez #29
Kole Jones #32
Kellen Hudson #9
Macen Schmidt #33
Otto Waddell #1

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