2019 Summer Volunteer Positions

Much is made of the fiscal expectations, but we cannot overlook the importance of simply showing up to lend a hand.  The Gems uses Sign Up Genius to organize all of our volunteer roles.  We have been fortunate that in the spring, Timberline involves student administrators for scoreboard, music and bookkeeping.  The Gems does not have this luxury.  We rely on volunteers for everything.  If you see your son in uniform, there is the expectation that you share in the efforts.  Positions include:  Ticket Booth (1), BBQ master (1), Concessions (2), Score Board (1), Score Book (1) and Announcer (1).

A Signup Genius link will be sent to you in the email we have on file.  Check the spam folder if you do not see it.  Or, click here and sign in.

SignUp Genius